Take a sip, win a trip!

Our Giveaway In 3 Simple Steps!

Step 1

Purchase our fine products. The purchase price directly correlates to your points! Ex: A $100 purchase equals 100 points! Woo!

Step 2

Upload a picture of your receipt below. Boom, you're done! Stack up your points and we total your points for you! You're now in the giveaway!

Step 3

At the end of the month we total up your points. Entry with the highest points wins the trip giveaway! See below for other prizes available.

Giveaway Entrees Also Win:

3 iPad Airs

2 Wine Coolers

50 Year XO Divin

3 Aqua Jet Razors

July's Giveaway Countdown:
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After you buy our product from your local store you need to register your purchase. Simply upload a picture of your receipt with your basic information. This will allow us to tally your points up and contact you should you be this months winner!

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